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June 2016 News    

This Saturday, I embark on my hike of the New England portion of the Appalachian Trail, which many of you know will inspire a symphony to be composed next year.  I'm so excited to begin this journey, and it comes on the heels of raising a total of $4,055.23  through our Indiegogo campaign (minus Indiegogo fees and plus a handful of donations made outside of the website)!  I will be blogging throughout the hike whenever I can get in town and to a computer, and I just wrote my first post about adventure, so follow along if you are interested in hearing how it all goes!

But it looks like during the middle of my hike I'll be forced to take a break for a week...to travel back to Brazil!  My friend, the fantastic Brazilian flautist Marcelo Bonfim, will be premiering my
Um Ano no Brasil (A Year in Brazil) for Flute and String Orchestra with the Petrobras Symphony Orchestra in Rio de Janeiro on July 16 and 17!  They are one of the best orchestras in all of Brazil and this will be my first performance of a work of mine with a professional orchestra, so I can't help but leave the trail for this opportunity to hear my work in one of my favorite cities (just before the craziness of the Olympics hit it!)

The new CD of my band music is progressing into the editing and mastering stage, and check out the amazing look of the cover:

Last week I had a quick trip to Pueblo, CO at the Colorado State Music Teachers Association's State Conference where I was honored as the Commissioned Composer for 2016!  I premiered my new Sonata for Clarinet and Piano with Kellan Toohey, an amazing clarinetist who just completed his DMA at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  The performance went well and I hope to share a recording shortly after I return from my hike.

I have lots of new videos from my recent performances to share.  From back in November, I have a video of excerpts of myself performing the premiere of my
Concertino for Piano and Wind Ensemble with the Northeastern State University Wind Ensemble in Oklahoma, and from April you can watch performances of my choral works A Blessing of DiscomfortI Wandered Lonely As a Cloud, and In the Spaces of Thoughtperformed by the Algonquin Regional High School choirs, and performances from my recital at Bennington College, including my Three Dylan Thomas Songs (And Death Shall Have No Dominion, In My Craft or Sullen Art, and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night), Swansong for Viola and Piano, Again and Again for Voice and Piano, Preludes No. 2 (Drops), No. 7 (Perfect Ostinato), andNo. 10 (For K.G.)for piano, and the first movement ofthe two-piano version of my "Classical" Concerto.

On March 13th at Bennington College, the Sage City Symphony premiered my new work The Glastonbury Wilderness, which was the first performance of any orchestral works of mine.  You can listen to the performancehere. The piece is inspired by my experiences in Glastonbury, UK and hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Glastenbury, Vermont.

Last week was my final one as Composer Intern at Bennington College.  Diane and I have had a wonderful experience there, but it is time for us to move on.  Where we will be in the Fall is still up in the air, but we are excited for our new adventures, whatever and wherever they may be!

Thanks for reading and visiting my website!


Latest Updates

30 Aug 2016
Keane Southard
Day 68 - (8/17/16) 7.6 miles (Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to to Doughty Pond) It rained through the night, really pouring at times, so it turns out I did make the right decision to sleep in the shelter and I actually slept pretty well.  And, just as...
17 Aug 2016
Keane Southard
Sunrise on South Pond Day 61 - (8/10/16) 3.9 miles (South Pond to Piazza Rock Lean-to) Piazza Rock or Pride Rock? I woke up at 5:30am and heard sounds nearby that had to be a moose: breaking of branches and a big splash ...
10 Aug 2016
Keane Southard
Wind Turbines in Maine Day 54 - (8/3/16) 3.5 miles (Rattle River Shelter to near Brook 1 mile past Gorham) Today was a short one mostly spent in Gorham, NH.  It was an easy 2 mile hike down to the road and I walked about 1 mile towards town ...
3 Aug 2016
Keane Southard
Day 47 - (7/27/16) 7.5 miles (Kinsman Pond Shelter to Liberty Springs Campsite) I hiked through Franconia Notch today, which I visited as a kid, although the "Old Man in the Mountain" is not there any more.  I hiked 5 pretty easy miles down ...
27 Jul 2016
Keane Southard
On Moosilauke South Peak Day 43 - (7/23/16) 6.7 miles (Hexacuba Shelter to Cape Moonshine Rd) Short day today to meet up with Diane, who camped with me tonight at a nearby intentional community called "Dancing Bones".  they are building a ...
23 Jul 2016
Keane Southard
Day 28 - (7/8/16) 0.0 miles First day off (and much needed!) Day 29 - (7/9/16) 8.3 miles (Hanover, NH to Three Mile Rd) Mom came and hiked with me today.  Because we were not camping overnight, we hardly had to bring anything and left my t...
8 Jul 2016
Keane Southard
Day 17 - (6/27/16) 14.4 miles (VT 9 Bennington/Woodford to Kid Gore Shelter) View from Glastenbury Mountain Above the treeline on the Glastenbury Fire Tower 'Twas a nice night staying with Mowgli, getting some p...
26 Jun 2016
Keane Southard
Day 12 - (6/22/16) - 7.2 miles (Kay Wood Shelter to Crystal Mountain Campground) Last night those college kids kept me from falling asleep for quite a while with their chatting and giggling.  Finally got to sleep but was woken up in the night by...
22 Jun 2016
Keane Southard
Day 8 (6/18/16) - 5.3 miles (+6 miles walking in and out of town) - (Tom Leonard Shelter to Mt. Wilcox South Shelters) Today was really exhausting.  Only 5.3 miles on trail, but walked 4 miles on road into Great Barrington and about 2 back be...
<September 2016>


Southard: Piano Sonata no 2
Southard: Homage to L. M. Gottschalk
Southard: Fantasy in B flat minor
Southard: Prelude No. 1 (Jazz) for Piano Solo
Southard: Prelude No. 2 (Drops) for Piano Solo
Southard: Prelude No. 3 (Homage to Nancarrow) for Piano solo
Southard: Prelude No. 4 (O Woozy Suzy!) for Piano solo
Southard: Prelude No. 5 (Precision) for Piano solo
Southard: Tidal Wave Rag for Piano solo
Southard: No-Name Rag for Piano solo
Southard: Prelude No. 9 (Guante-ango) for Piano solo
Rzewski: Down By the Riverside
Finzi: Eclogue for Piano and Strings in F major, Op. 10
Ives: Sonata for Piano no 2 "Concord, Mass 1840–60"
Gottschalk: Union, RO 269/Op. 48
Guarnieri: Valsa no 5
Guarnieri: Valsa no 9
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no 4 for Piano, A 264
Guarnieri: Dansa negra
Nazareth: Odeon
Nazareth: Xangô
Villa-Lobos: A Lenda do Caboclo, W 166
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no 4 for Piano, A 264
Guarnieri: Improviso II
Guarnieri: Maria Lucia
Guarnieri: Dansa negra
Santoro: 7 Paulistanas
Gnattali: Negaceando
Warlock: Folksong Preludes
Foulds: English Tune with Burden
Foulds: April – England, Op. 48 no 1
Southard: Concerto for Solo Piano and Solo Organ
Southard: Blazonry for 8 Percussionists
Southard: And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Southard: Chorale for Brass Quintet
Southard: Variations on a Hymn (Beecher) for Organ
Southard: Duo for Clarinet and Cello
Southard: Duo for Violin and Piano
Southard: String Quartet no 1
Southard: In My Craft or Sullen Art
Southard: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Southard: Music for the Film "Glava" (excerpt)
Southard: Piano Quintet 'New England'
Southard: Sonata no 1 for Violin and Piano
Southard: Quintette de Cuivres
Southard: Variazioni Semplici for Violin and Harp
Southard: Swansong for Cello and Piano
Southard: The Dove in the Ash Grove for Cello and Piano
Southard: Two Minutes for Saxophone Quartet
Southard: Seven Short Studies for String Orchestra
Southard: Mini-Symphony for Chamber Orchestra
Southard: A Day of Sunshine for Chorus and Orchestra
Southard: Waltzing Dervish for Wind (powered) Ensemble
Southard: Do You Hear How Many You Are?
Southard: "Classical" Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Southard: Do You Hear How Many You Are? for Concert Band
Southard: Carousel for Concert Band
Southard: Showers over Peaks and Vales for Orchestra
Southard: No Interior do Rio de Janeiro for Orchestra
Southard: Uma Passacalha Brasileira for Wind Ensemble
Gottschalk: Union, RO 269/Op. 48
Southard: Piano Sonata no 2
Finzi: Eclogue for Piano and Strings in F major, Op. 10
Ives: Sonata for Piano no 2 "Concord, Mass 1840–60"
Southard: Improvisation 1/31/10

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